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Website · Mobile · Online Sales Strategy

Business Challenge.

Nowadays, all brands need to offer an impeccable experience on their website, especially if the goal is to increase online sales. The user needs to feel welcome, find what he is looking for and be sure that everything will go well up to the time the product is delivered to the door. Our main goal was to create a smooth online experience and integrating all the technical systems with the 

1. Redefine the entire E-Commerce strategy

2. Integrate physical logistics with online store  

3. Increase online sales 


Our Proposal.

We created a website + e-commerce from scratch in order to provide an excellent shopping experience, stock control, dynamic catalog updates and a more fluid and smooth user journey. From website strategy to implementation, we've created a solid user experience and outstanding design. 

We also generated traffic with a strategic presence and quality content on social media, including paid media campaigns and email marketing campaigns.

Untitled design (2).png
Untitled design (2).png


In three months of operation, we have increased online sales by an incredible 592% – a number that speaks for itself, but it's even more special considering the challenging times of launching during COVID-19 pandemic. Brand awareness also increased significantly: in the same period, the number of followers on Facebook and Instagram increased by 42%.


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