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Flores Boutique Hotel

Wesbite Redesign

Website · Mobile · Online Sales Strategy

Business Challenges.

As part of the overall rebranding, we were also challenged to create a stunning website, where it not only needed to respect the new brand guidelines but also increase the booking reservations through a simple and pleasant user experience. |We also needed to showcase all the hotel facilites, amenities and rooms. 

1. Redesign the entire website

2. Include all Hotel's information and services

3. Increase online bookings 


Our Proposal.

Being the agency responsible for the rebranding, we've proposed a clean and elegant website, where the users can navigate across different services without getting lost. The User Experience is also though so the clients can also add to their booking different experiences, for examples spa treatments.

Hotel Spa Website.png


During COVID-19 pandemic this redesign was essential to capture national tourists and help them make the decision of staying the the heart of Porto with tranquility and safety. 


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