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Wesbite Redesign

Website · Mobile · Online Sales Strategy

Business Challenges.

As a marketing tool itself, ALLTAGS has a unique product and it needed to stand, make the purchase journey easier and have a modern-tech look. 

There was no brand identity, so another challenge was for us to create this visual identity to be able to create the entire Website. 

1. Redesign the entire website

2. Provide a visual identity to the brand

3. Increase online subscriptions 

Alltags Website_login.png
Alltags Website_subscription.png

Our Proposal.

We created a visual identity from scratch, analise the user journey as well as the purchase journey and we've adapted based on UX principles for mobile and desktop. 

We've resorted to visual queues such as google colours to indicate and give the idea that the ALLTAGS tool, works perfectly and in partnership with Google tools. 

Alltags Website_get-touch.png
Alltags Website_sign up.png


The site is currently being developed, though the user tests indicate that the likelihood of purchase will increase by 75% with the new structure and design. 


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