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Black and White Desk criativa

Where have you been?

We've been looking for you. We believe in talent and we can't wait to hear from you.

Even if there is no vacancies, you should ping us an amazing email together with your CV and/or portfolio.

You never know where you can find your match, right?

Open for business...

Bullet Journal
Photographer in a Photoshoot

Why work with us

  1. We're cool. 

  2.  We believe in specialised teams and you won't be doing 300 things that are not your responsibility

  3. We are young wild and free

  4. We have international spirit and mentality (but we're still very Portuguese, deep down)

  5. We'll help you build your career 

  6. We have cool clients

  7. There are other benefits and perks but you'll have to apply to get to know them 

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