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Creative Campaign

Creative Concept· Social Media · Content Creation

Business Challenge.

As part of Flexizone's strategy to be top of mind in the Netherlands and also to be the first choice for business spaces and storage rooms/containers, our main goal was to come up with a creative concept and its execution to promote and reflect the flexibility of the business spaces across 11 locations,  the storage spaces and services and the power of networking within the facilities.

1. Address all available Flexizone spaces across the Netherlands

2. Communicate all the spaces and its flexibility  

3. Increase qualified leads 

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Our Proposal.

We developed more than 30 creative concepts and the winner was "YOU GO HERE". This concept was flexible enough to accommodate all business requirements and also can be rolled out across all social media platforms.  

Within the main concept, we then divided it IN.TO 3 concepts, each one to fit the main social media channels:

  • (YOU) Facebook we created a more graphic concept, where we can personalise (YOU) the whole content

  • (GO) As Instagram requires a more lively and active content - sense of movement (GO) - we went for a much more heavy photography, graphic and font execution. 

  • (HERE) LinkedIn required a more cleaner version to fit the professional environment; we addressed all the benefits and points important to entrepreneurs when creating/expanding a business, as well as the locations and the spaces available. 



The campaign will be launched this year and all of our work was approved by the board team. 

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